Project Description

barco escape

  • Barco Escape 1
  • Barco Escape 2
  • Barco Escape 3


Within the cinema industry, Barco is the global leader in digital display technology and number one in integrated theater technologies. A part of Barco’s innovation strategy is an investment in think-tank projects. One of these projects produced an immersive 3 screen movie format and theatre solution designated as Barco Escape. Barco decided the product was at a stage to develop a separate brand identity with an integrated advertising plan that would include geographic differentiation (if needed).  As the original assignment started moving forward, Barco Escape signed a deal with Paramount for Star Trek Beyond to be shown in the new format. Barco needed us to pivot and help with developing an integrated campaign that would be effective enough to push consumers to purchase tickets and launch the brand.


An integrated Beyond campaign was executed in 7 countries: United States, Canada, China, Belgium, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands.

The results exceed Exhibitor expectations for ticket sales and delivered an on time digital presence.  This was followed by a new name (IRIS) and brand identity for the new product.